We meet weekly to play Chess & Go. Come and join us! See the MeetUp for details.

The Club

We are an informal club that meets to play Chess & Go. We meet one evening per week at a fun, lively (and seasonal) venue with access to food & drink. We try to cultivate a light-hearted atmosphere and a welcoming scene for beginners & experts alike.

Enquiries: bendchess@gmail.com

The Venues

The Bend Chess & Go Club exists because of the generosity of our hosts:


We have organizers, captains & deputies. We work together to promote the success of the club.


The club has organizers who manage the club day-to-day. We have two Club Captains, one for Chess and one for Go - the Captains drive engagement for each game at the club.

Organizer & Chess Captain
Dean C
Go Captain
Leif W


Supporting the Captains are the Club Deputies. A Deputy embodies the culture of the club and have often helped new members and beginners get started, or they fill-in for the Captains when they’re absent.

Andy V
Brad H
Carlin K
Daniel B
Zachary B

Club History

We record past Champions & Captains, and we also record a timeline of important events.


2022 Chess Champion
Joe L

Grand Prix Winners

  • Winter: Daniel B, 33.5 points.
  • Spring: Alyssa C, 41.5 points.
  • Summer: Daniel B, 30.5 points.


Chess Captain, 2022-Present
Dean C
Go Captain, 2022-Present
Leif W


Jan 2023
Partnered with Central Oregon Chess Club & renamed the MeetUp to "Central Oregon Chess".
December 2022
Joe L becomes the club's 2022 Chess Champion.
October 5th, 2022
The club moves to a regular winter venue at Crux Fermentation Project.
September 2nd, 2022
Leif W becomes the first Go Captain
Dean C becomes the first Chess Captain.
September 2022
Quads, a regular monthly competition, is started.
June 16th, 2022
The club finally settles on a regular Summer venue at The Commons Cafe and Taproom.
June 4th, 2022
The Spring Swiss Tournament, the club's first, is hosted at The Collective.
March 23rd, 2022
The club is rescued when Aran G finds a new venue with Worthy Brews & Burgers.
February 16th, 2022
The club outgrows The Grove and is asked to look for a new venue.
October 6th, 2021
Relocates to The Grove for a winter venue.
August 4th, 2021
Aran G & Dean C found the club at the Midtown Yacht Club