Joe L (left) receives the 2022 Chess Champion trophy

Joe L (left) receives the 2022 Chess Champion trophy.

Congratulations to Joe L, who last night was presented with the 2022 Chess Champion Trophy! Joe dominated the 2022 field by winning three of the four Championship Quads held since the competition began.

November was Joe’s strongest showing. Joe scored an almost perfect 5.5/6, dropping only a half-point against 2nd place finisher Zach D with 3.5 points. In December, however, Zach D managed to tie with Joe L at 4.5/6 suggesting, perhaps, that a future rivalry could be brewing.

Any rivalry may be cut short, however, when Joe L leaves Bend in February 2023. Joe has been the strongest player at the club since he joined in early 2022, and Joe has been one of the club’s keenest supporters of new members and beginners alike. The club will be a different beast without him.

Joe will be missed and it seems only appropriate that he leaves as Champion of a club that benefited greatly from his skill, character and generosity. Congratulations, Joe! And Good luck!